Dreaming big

Don’t ever let someone talk you out of your dream.  You can accomplish anything as long as you put God first, love people, and remain humble.  Your not too old, too fat, too broke, etc to fulfill your dream, your just right, your at the right, and the timing is just right.  Go for it, what’s stopping you?


Good Morning

This morning I decided to “Command” my morning, what does that mean you ask, well it means to announce what you want to see come to pass for your day, what is it that you want to happen? Do you want favor? Do you want to be productive at work? Do you want to have a peaceful day? What is it that you want? Be specific and ask God to bless your plan, I’ve done this many times and I have to say it makes a huge difference in my day. Theres something special about announcing our plans outloud and then putting in the action to make those things happen. We have to do our part, we can can’t ask God to allow us to be productive at work and all us to get all of our tasks completed by the end of the day, and then we goof off at work and surf the internet all day. We have to do our part, and then God id just to meet us there. Hope you “Command” your morning and have a great day !!!!

Finding out what you possess.

All of us have special gifts and talents that God have given us since birth, however most us don’t even know what they are.  Most people use them everyday and don’t even realize it because it comes so natural to them.  Have you ever seen someone with a sparkling personality where everywhere they go people are drawn to them and they are the life of the party?  That’s a natural gift, or how about someone who loves helping people and making sure people have what they need?  That’s the gift of hospitality, but to them its natural to help people and make sure they are comfortable and provided for.  What comes natural to you?  What are some of the things people compliment you on the most?  I’ve always had people tell me that I’m a good listener and I used to think, really? a good listener?  how lame is that, but I’ve come to realize that being a good listener is a gift that most people do not possess, we are really hard people to find, because most people are talkers, and talk so much that they forget to listen.  I think its important to examine ourselves and really understand how valuable the gits are that are inside of us and start not only using them but sharpen them.  If you have the gift of of singing why not practice singing everyday, maybe even take voice lessons or join a singing group or choir, where you can exercise your gift and sharpen it.  Once we begin on the journey of sharpening it, we have to remember to protect that gift, and not let people discourage us or encourage us to hide our gift out of jealously and envy.  We all have gifts, and each and every person was given unique gifts, two people could have the gift of encouragement, however each person has an invaluable and un-duplicatable (is that a word?…lol) gift, that only you possess, so one person could be powerful at encouraging people through prayer, someone else through poems, someone else through words, etc, but each gift is as unique as our fingerprints.  So what gifts do you possess, hidden and unhidden that you can begin to sharpen?  What do people compliment you on?  What comes natural to you?  What do you do that you would even if no one gave you credit for it?  Just somethings for you to think about.  Until next time, just know you are worthy of God’s love and you are special!!!!

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