Good Morning

This morning I decided to “Command” my morning, what does that mean you ask, well it means to announce what you want to see come to pass for your day, what is it that you want to happen? Do you want favor? Do you want to be productive at work? Do you want to have a peaceful day? What is it that you want? Be specific and ask God to bless your plan, I’ve done this many times and I have to say it makes a huge difference in my day. Theres something special about announcing our plans outloud and then putting in the action to make those things happen. We have to do our part, we can can’t ask God to allow us to be productive at work and all us to get all of our tasks completed by the end of the day, and then we goof off at work and surf the internet all day. We have to do our part, and then God id just to meet us there. Hope you “Command” your morning and have a great day !!!!


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